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Published November 7, 2011

SlowWaveCathedral is an album of deepspace pieces recorded in early 2010. Drawing on a previous repertoire of ambience through releases such as “The Barometric Sea”, “Slow Moving Lifeforms” and “The Glittering Domain”, this album spans the gamut of atmospheric sounds and textures in a way that encompasses both composition and sound design. San Francisco-based Ambient artist Telomere features on two tracks “You are Here” and “A Mind for Space.”

From the desert ambience of “Vibration of the Sands” to the dreamy unfocussed sounds of “Whisper”, this release takes disparate ambient genres emphasised by artists from Stars of the Lid to Robert Rich and adds the distinctive deepspace sound to craft a unique ambient voice that has been cultivated over eight ambient releases since 2007.


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